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How To Access Facebook When it is Blocked in School College Or Office (8 different Methods)

Did you try to open Facebook when blocked in school, college or office? In most cases, you are blocked when you try to get access to to the social networking sites. Most of the organizations block social networking websites. They want to prevent people from getting access to the social sites. If you are addicted in Facebook or Orkut like me then you must have tried some methods to access Facebook if blocked by the administrator. Here are some quick guides to open Facebook.
Let me describe how the administrator of the network system blocks the websites they want? The URL of the website, you generally type in the address bar is originally an IP address. Every website has a unique IP address*. So, when you browse any website by typing the website URL, computer matches the URL name with its IP address. This is done by the DNS server. DNS server is a computer, registered with the network which keeps the data of all the websites and corresponding IP addresses. So, blocking the IP address in DNS server will revoke the access of that website.
* In a shared server, same IP address is shared by more than one website. But the large and popular sites like Facebook, Orkut etc. have their own unique IP’s.
Here the tricks play. The Facebook is blocked at your school or office because the administrator has blocked that site from the DNS server.

How to open Facebook when it is blocked

To get on Facebook when it is blocked, you can use another DNS server like OpenDNS servers or Google Public DNS servers.
Access or Login to Facebook using Google Public/Open servers
If you are using the Windows operating system then go to Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections and right-click on the connection status icon which you are using to access internet. Now, choose “Properties” and then “Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)”. Put any one of the following values in the DNS server address
OpenDNS server address:
Google DNS server address:
Open Facebook When it is blocked using Open DNS ADRESS
Open Facebook When its blocked at School
Make sure that your institution or office is not using the DNS server which you’re going to use. Once you change the DNS server, you can get into Facebook, Orkut or any other websites you want.
Most of the schools, colleges or offices keep the social site blocked so that the students or employees can not open it. That is why we receive many emails asking “how to get on Facebook when it is blocked“. Here are some more tips.
Using IP address
Some time, the computer admin edits hosts file to block Facebook in it. He adds the website domain name to the block list in that file. In that case, you can get access to FB by the IP address instead of the domain address. Putting IP address in your browser directly, will bypass the barrier from the host file. You can obtain the IP address by pinging from your computer. To do so, PressWin + R key. It opens the Run command box. Put the following command and hit Enter.
ping -t
This will open a command prompt and it will show the IP address of
Often, chances are that the command prompt is disabled for the current user. In such situation, get the Facebook address from here. Once you go to that website, just type at where they ask to put it and click on Get IP.
Once you obtain the IP address, put that in your browser address bar and hit Enter. That’s it.
Use Shortened URLs
In many situation, the site URL may be banned for you. In such a case, you can use a shortened URLto bypass the ban. You can use some URL shortening services like or
Use Proxy Websites
Proxy websites can be used to open blocked URLs in your computer. But generally, these websites are also blocked in your school, colleges or office. Therefore this tricks may not sound much. But you can try to find out unblocked some proxy sites.
Access Facebook via Secure Web Proxy
Using Secure Web Proxy sites is the easiest way to access websites which are blocked. One of such working website is The best side of this website is that it won’t ask you to install any application in your computer. It also supports the Facebook chat, photo uploading etc. The website is totally secured for you as it uses the HTTPS protocol. Though it lets you to use their service only 10 minutes for a free trial, you can give this a try as it does not charge too much.
Use Opera Mini browser to access Facebook
If nothing of the above works for you, try the Opera Mini browser to open the Facebook through its mobile version. Simply, go to the Opera mini demo link in your browser and try the mobile version of Facebook. The address is
The above methods are enough to access Facebook. You can also log into your Facebook account thereby.
Are you still facing problems with opening your favorite social site? You can still stay connected with your Facebook friends from your email account.

Get into Facebook from your email account

Facebook allows you to choose which updates do you want to get as notification in your email account. Once you set your account to receive notifications in your email account, you can then check the activities. Log-in to your FB account and go to Account > Account Settings.
In the Notification tab, you can manage your notifications preferences. Once you setup, they will be sent to your email id. Whenever you get that message in your inbox, just open it, click on the link which indicates the option to reply the message. You are done!

Use VPN for a secured access of your favorite websites

The best solution to open websites blocked by your network administrator or ISP is using a VPN. By using a VPN, you can get on as many websites as you like. I have researched on this and found VPN as the best solution. Give any VPN service a try to access FB from anywhere you wish.
Do you have any other idea for opening Facebook if it’s blocked? Do share with us.

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