Thursday, 13 June 2013

How To Make Windows 7 Gadgets Work on Windows 8 Desktop

How To Make Windows 7 Gadgets Work on Windows 8 Desktop

Windows Vista was obviously a failure OS that everyone know. Microsoft first introduced the desktop sidebar gadget on the windows Vista which is a amazing feature and it is followed by the windows 7 OS. This desktop sidebar gadget features helped people to set many useful gadgets in their sidebar like calendar, wall clock, CPU usage, image slideshows, search bar, RSS feed updates and so on. This offered users to instant access to latest updates and also a lot of useful tasks.Windows 7 also included desktop sidebar gadget support and somehow Microsoft think that the sidebar is limiting the users which is not useful, so they made a decision to completely remove this sidebar gadget feature in Windows 8 OS. Which is really disappointing for the gadget lovers. So here is a software which helps you to bring back the windows 7 sidebar gadgets to Windows 8

How To Enable Desktop Gadgets Function on Windows 8

Gadgetarian is a free windows software which allows you to add your Windows 7 gadgets on Windows 8 sidebar. This program adds gadget's which supports on Windows 8. You don't need to reboot your computer after installing it, right click on the desktop to get the popular Gadgets option, as well as Personalize and Screen Resolution settings. The setup contains 14 popular free windows 8 sidebar gadgets, but wait there is lot more gadgets available you can download it for free. All gadgets are virus free.
Gadgetarian How To Enable Desktop Gadgets Function on Windows 8
Take note that Gadgetarian is just not a separate application, what this software does it, it just enables the Windows native gadget functions option in the settings , to help you make use of all the Windows desktop sidebar gadgets features.

Free Download - Gadgetarian

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