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How to Find the IP Address of a Remote Computer

Find the IP Address of a Remote Computer

Most of you may be curious to know how to find the IP address of your friend’s computer or the IP of the person with whom you may be chatting. If so, then this post will surely help you out.
In this post I’ll show you how to find the IP address of a remote computer in simple steps.

How to Capture the IP Address?

I have created a PHP script to make it easier for you to capture  the IP address of the any computer of your choice. Here is a step-by-step process to find out the IP address:
  1. Download the IP Finder Script (IP_Finder.ZIP) that I have created from the following link:
  2. Open a new account in X10Hosting (or any other free host that supports PHP).
  3. Extract the IP_Finder.ZIP file and upload the two files ip.php and ip_log.txt into the root folder of your hosting account using the File Manager.
  4. You can rename the ip.php to any name of your choice.
  5. Set the permission to 777 on ip_log.txt.
Now, you are all set to find the IP address of your friend or any remote computer of your choice. All you have to do is send the link of ip.php to your friend or the person with whom you’re chatting. Once the person click’s on the link, his/her IP address is recorded in the file ip_log.txt.
For your better understanding let’s take up the following example:
Suppose you open a new account in with the subdomain as abc, then your IP Finder link would be:
You have to send the above link to you friend via email or while chatting and ask him to visit that link. Once your friend clicks on the link, his IP address will be recorded along with the Date and Time in the ip_log.txt file. After recording the IP address, the script will redirect the person to so as to avoid any suspicion.
To find the recorded IP address, check the logs using the following link:
The sample log will be in the following format: Thursday 07th of May 2009 05:31:27 PM Thursday 07th of May 2009 05:31:28 PM Thursday 07th of May 2009 05:31:31 PM
NOTE: You have to replace abc with your subdomain name.
I hope this helps. Express your opinion and suggestions through comments

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