Monday, 3 June 2013

How to Make Dual Audio Movies with VirtualDubMod

VirtualDubMod (project that combines three popular VirtualDub modifications, VirtualDubMPG2, VirtualDubOGM and VirtualDubAVS) is a modified version of the original VirtualDub video editing software. VirtualDubMPG2 adds several new features to the normal VirtualDub's features, including MPEG-2 processing and support for various audioformats, such as AC3, OGG Vorbis and VBR MP3. Also included now is a support for OGM container format and AVS scripts.

Excellent tool for multiplexing AC3 audio into XviD or DivX movies.

Use VirtualDubMod to make a dual audio movie from your existing movie and an external audio (mp3,wav) file.


1.   Load the movie in VirtualDubMod, click Streams and choose "stream list"

2.   Disable the current stream (or leave it and have dual audio)

3.   Click "Add" and browse to the external audio file (always click NO when any warning comes up)

4.   Right Click on the audio stream you added and choose Interleaving (if necessary) and adjust the proper delay (if any).

5.   Then go to File > Save As  and remember to switch to "direct stream copy", not "full processing".

Now you have your movie with your selected audio.


VirtualDubMod only supports AVI and MKV formats. If the format of video is other than AVI or MKV, then you have to use Avidemux for other formats like MP4, FLV, WMV etc. Click here for information.



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