Thursday, 13 June 2013

How To Send Large Files To Your Friends On Facebook For Free

How To Send Large Files To Your Friends On Facebook For Free
How you Share your private files to your friends or family? you will send using email as an attachment or upload the files to your Dropbox and share that link to a particular person and there are lot's of ways you can send files online. But you ever thought of sending files using Facebook! ya now you can send or attach an file upto 1GB  whether it can be .doc, mp4, mp3 whatever the file type you can send to your friends using an new FB app which is free and easy. Let me show you how you can send file's using this Facebook app.

Send Upto 1GB file For Free Using Pipe

Pipe, a brand new released app for Facebook users which allows you to transfer large files to your friends, even when they are in offline. The advantage of using this pipe app is your  friend using the same platform that is facebook, so you don't need to instruct your friend or family to download and install or sign up to an new software for sharing a file. They don't have to install anything on their computer to receive the file they can receive it over their Facebook account. The file size limit is upto 1GB.

How To Transfer Large Files on Facebook 
All you have to do is just give the app permission to your FB account. After authorizing you can select your friends that you want to send the file using the top left corner, at the dropdown list you can select your friend or you can search them using the search bar. After selecting a friend. Drag and Drop a file or browse the required file to transfer then click the Send File Now button. You can also add an message along with the file which is optional. You can also set the file storage time from 1 to 5 days,  in pipe locker means Offline.

Video Tutorial on How To Send Files on Facebook

Share Files on Facebook - Pipe

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