Wednesday, 10 July 2013

30 Free and Useful Mac Applications to Try

If you have just gotten yourself a new Mac and do not what to install, this is the right article for you. Or if you are looking for substitutes for any application that you are now utilizing in Mac, then too this article can be really useful for you. We give here a list of applications that you will find very useful. The best part is they are free and available to be installed in your Mac.

mac apps
This one offers a well organized, simple and useable interface that will help you put in and check off the tasks that you have to do. It also adds to the charm by staying in the background but still being easy to access.
This one will record all your contact people, list out customers and also mark the important events that are linked with them
This is a Mac application that is great to make notes and note down the list of tasks that you have to do
This one can hide away all the tiresome and cluttering  icons on your desktop so that all you see is the wallpaper in its purest form
Allows you to simply record information in any situation utilizing any platform or device that is on hand and also ensures that this information is easy to find in a handy manner at any place and any time you require it.
You can synchronize your Facebook events with the call easily using this
Offers you an icon in the menu bar to access any applications that are installed at once. It does this by scanning through typical locations like the network, local user and developer applications.
This provides you with the easiest and most effective way to keep track of your time
Easy to utilize applications that are good for Mind mapping on Mac. It also aids you in visually collecting, classifying and structuring ideas. You can also use this for studying, organizing and solving problems
This has been created for the singular objective of renaming lists of files
11. Namely
A very quick way to open applications
12. Punakea
You can use this to tag files and bookmarks. Which essentially frees you of the rigid hierarchy that you have in the Finder’s structure for folders.
A coordinated and extensible interface that allows for working with contacts, applications, music and a host of other data.
 14. SketchBox
This is manager for Sticky notes on your Mac computer
15. Slife
An application for time and activity analysis, this one will automatically keep tabs on where you expend time while you are working on the computer.
 16. SyncMate
Enables you to store and manage all your text messages, documents, events and calendar entries along with other things
A very easy to use application for creating a things to do list
18. Think
Will help you focus on the work that you are on currently
19. Todos
This one will display all applications in a total dockk.
Will aid you in keeping all widgets, application plugins, applications and preference panes in your system up to date
21. Burn
The application that enables burning of discs and other options
A tool for managing fonts
Will aid you in locating and buying stuff on eBay
You can use this to set a custom icon for drives quickly using this
A very effective text editor that is for general purposes
Office applications with full features especially for Mac
27. Emacs
It is for editing HTML, Text, LaTeX, Java, C++, Perl, Python, PHP and many more
You can use this to read PDF files
It is a RSS reader for Mac

So this is a list of 30 Free and Useful Mac application which you can use. Give a try to these applications and share your opinion with us.

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