Thursday, 18 July 2013


As we know that Windows 8 is getting better and better day by day. it has some awesome collection of app and game on its own app store. But a few people who use windows 8 knows that it also support motion game using webcam.


There are few gaming consoles with motion detection features like Play Station Move and Xbox Kinect which allow us to play just with a motion controller and detector. But, the problem is that, these consoles are costly and everybody can’t have it. So, whats the alternative? Can the person with no gaming console can play the motion games? The answer is yes…!
Some of the interesting games are 3D Pinball Fx, Jetpack joyride etc . But here we will be talking about motion games that use webcam for the detection of motion.
The game is BALLSTRIKE and you can search it on the Store with the name BallStrike or you can visit the link below.

You just need to have a webcam to run this app. You simply have to stand in front of the camera. To clear levels of the game, you have to perform tasks like in which you use your body to twist, turn, kick, hit and jump to explode the balls.

Features of This motion game :

1. Its a Health fitness Game to burn your calories.
2.There are few levels of the game and if you like it, you can buy the Full version.
3.You will get augmented Reality Experience
4. It detects Motion via built-in Camera or attached Webcam.
5. It Calculates Burned Calories.

The amazing thing about this app is, it uses only Webcam as hardware which is very common. So everyone having webcam can try it. Also it shows the no of calories burned. So install the game and give a try yourself. You can share your crazy pictures through Facebook, Email and other social sites.

Download Ball Strike in Windows Store

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