Thursday, 4 July 2013

How To Recover Stolen Laptop Mac Windows Linux iPhone iPad Android

You stored all your projects, data files,images,videos etc.. on your Laptop or Mac or Windows or Linux or IPhone or iPad or Android.What if things get messed up you lost any of those device mentioned here in some public places.Your stored data's are misused by some other strangers

Prey Project Complete Review

Prey enables you to continue to keep track and record of your phone or laptop constantly, and it can assist you to locate your missing,thieved,robbed devices. It's light and portable, open source software, and free for everyone to make use of it.

Exactly How The Application Works

Quiet but lethal.Simply you install a small Setup into your PERSONAL COMPUTER or mobile phone, which in turn silently wait around to get a remote signal to wake up and perform its wonder.

This signal transmission is routed possibly through the Internet or via SMS text message, and allows for one to collect information and details in regard to the gadget's specific location, hardware as well as network status, and optionally result in particular actions on it.

Key Features Of Preyproject

100% Geo Location

Alert using GPS and WiFi and gives exact place.

Know The Thief

Who stolen your gizmo by taking a snapshot using webcam and monitor him and Freeze down your PC and Tablet

Not Able To Use

Except if an unique security password is entered. The dude can't even have the ability to execute a thing!

Wifi Autoconnect

In case enabled Prey will look up for the nearest closest WiFi hotspot whenever no Internet connection is available

Check Out Their Activities

Get a screenshot of the active session.In case you are lucky enough to capture the guy logged into his email or Facebook account!

Receive A Full Report

Of your PC's CPU, motherboard, RAM, and BIOS information. Works great when used with Active Mode.

Protect Your Computer

Data risk-free Hide out your Outlook or Thunderbird data and stored passwords

Automatic Updater

Prey can easily examine its present version and automagically get and update by itself, which means you no require to manually reinstall on every occasion.

PreyPro Review

What if you are running a organisation having lot's of computer how to track of huge systems?
Don't worry PreyPro version also available there to track your whole unit system but it cost according to the number of systems you want to track

Note:For normal Prey account you can only track 3 devices

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