Wednesday, 10 July 2013

5 Most Appealing Features Of OS X Maverick


The much awaited operating system has finally been revealed early on  this week. You must be curious to know more about it. In this article we are going to tell you about the five Most Appealing Features Of OS X Maverick that you should know about.

1. Efficient Safari 7.0 makes straightforward History and Bookmarks
Efficient Safari 7.0
Finally doing away with their usual practice of taking on feline names, Mavericks is probably the most robust edition that the company has come up with. One of the features in the newly released browser is that it makes simpler the bookmark bar. The bar has three kinds of links. The first of the three is a preview of what you are looking at. It also includes a cover flow. The history part has a very simple and easy to use redesign that lists out things in an easy way based on the hierarchy of the way it was viewed. This means things become simpler for you the end user.

2. Safari Has Shared Reading Lists as well as Links
People who love reading and people who are addicted to catching up on the latest news will love this new feature. The browser has new sharing capabilities which will bring joy to many a book and news addict. Browsing can be done via share links and bookmarks of the links that they have browsed on social networking avenues like Linkedin and Twitter. If a viewer had read something intriguing, then other can follow what they have read and read the same article or new stories. All this is to enable by the sidebar and the nonstop scrolling means that you do not have to click forward and backward.

3. The Calendar Will at all times keep in mind engagements
This has been emphasized a really crucial and appealing feature by the company people while they were presenting the features of the product in the conference. The calendars has been enhanced and imbued with features that will make people who love planning their schedules dance with joy. The latest features also include fast movement between one month and another. It also features an “event inspector”. What this service does is remind you of a appointment. Notification pop up one day ahead and also give users some interesting point and even directions. All this based on the data that you have put into the location field. The calendar will even synchronize with the information on the map to provide you with the correct information of traffic and weather. This will enable you to plan for the time you need to leave to make it to the appointment on time.

4. Passwords Will Be Better sheltered
For anything on a system one nagging concern that we all share is that of security. Making different logins with many combinations very difficult to recall and this is the reason the company has come up with the password Keychain. This works at improving security. This can be shared via the cloud. The system can simply store all the passwords connected to different products to the cloud, organized in the right manner. This then synchronizes only with devices that are trusted and makes for a perfect defense against thefts related to identity.
5. Finder tags And Tab renders managing simpler

This one focuses on managing for OS X. The finder tabs and tags will enable the user to meld together many windows in Safari. This will remove the clutter and confusion created by opening many windows. You may have noticed that the number of windows goes up as the day proceeds and this means information may be lost. The tag tool ensures that this does not happen. While this may not sound like something radical you will find yourself thankful for this.

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