Sunday, 14 July 2013

How to Measure Your Computer’s Security Performance

Increase Windows Security
You can find different applications to calculate & measure your PC graphics performance, its speed, memory, data transfer speed and lot more. But we don't have any other software to estimate and evaluate exactly how secure and protect our desktops are. If someone questions you how safe your computer is, you can start off telling the antivirus security software and anti-malware programs that you have installed but, this will not give you the security and safety measure. If you don't know what to be optimized in your system then you must install this software to give you some recommendation to improve your PC overall performance.

Check the Security Score of your Computer

OPSWAT Security Score is a free windows software which will run a scan in your laptop or computer to get the current status of your installed Antivirus security apps and it provides a score & rating and also tips or recommendations on how you can increase equally the score and the security measures of your PC. You can download and install the OPSWAT Security Score from their official website the size of the program is 5MB. This tools scans your firewall, hard disk encryption, patch management, antivirus, antiphising, public file sharing and backup,


How to Measure Your Computer’s Security Performance


OPSWAT Security Score Software

After Installing the OPSWAT Security Score at the first time you have to run a scan this can take a while so be patient. After the scan is complete you can get a overall score of your PC performance. The Green shade indicates no need any changes,the Grey shade indicates need some changes and the Red shade indicates must need changes. You can click on the chart's and see which part is need to be improved to get a high score. By clicking the i icon OPSWAT gives you some tips to boost up the performance. By getting the higher score you can steadily increase your computer performance.

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