Thursday, 18 July 2013

How to Surf Free Internet from Windows

This post is about how to browse internet for free. After going through lot of research work i have finally found a completely free way to surf internet. This can be done through a software PD PROXY which provides free internet. All you need is mobile or net setter and make an account on there website and you can use free internet up to 100Mb/day.

Free Internet- Save money


1. Sign up on
2. Now, download the software from the website. Size of the software is just about 2  Mb.
3. Connect your net setter or phone with the computer via USB Cable.
4.It won’t work with wi-fi connection and you can’t make any ad-hock network through this.
5.The speed of the internet will depend on the Net Setter’s speed or operator’s speed.
6.Now, extract zip file and install it in your PC.
7.Launch PD PROXY through launcher.
8.Provide username and password of your account which you have created on
9.Now, enjoy surfing internet for free upto 100MB/day.
10.Go on basic setting and select auto connect modem.

Hurry up, before they stop this facility.

This is the best option for the people who just surf internet. So why spent money when you get it for free through pd proxy. 

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